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Dynamic Molding

Mixed Reality & Robotic Fabrication


Feng Chia University - Summer 2020   

Academic Work - Design Studio
Advisor: Shih-Yuan Wang, Yu-Ting Shen, 
Team Member: Yu Cheng Chi, Yen-Fen Chan, Yun-Tse Yang, Joseph Wu, Han Lin,Guan-Hua Li, Yu-Hsuan Chiu, Chung-Chieh Cheng, Hung-Wen Lu, Chia-Wei Kang, Tsung-Han Tsai, Shian-Jyun Chen, Ching-Yun Tseng, Yo-Chen Lee, Chun-Yu Lo, E-Shin Chiu, Wei-Jen Huang, Kai-Hsin Yeh

Dynamic Molding Workshop proposed a state-of-the-art digital manufacturing system. Utilizing a robotic arm to control and match the reality to fit the shape of the dynamic mold. The traditional curved template is difficult to form quickly and accurately, and it needs to consume a lot of manufacturing costs, thus limiting the design possibilities. Based on the development of TACO robot software, it can communicate with external devices in real time. Then reposition and correct the surface by Hololens and infrared distance measurement to create a coupling between real and virtual models to form a digital twin model. Further, simulate the composition and manufacture through the robotic printing system.

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