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Co-Living House



National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University_Graduate Institute of Architecture - Spring 2021   

Academic Work - Project Project Exhibition
Advisor: Shih-Yuan Wang
Team Member: Tsung-Han Tsai, Han Lin, Chun-Yu Lo

「Enter」is one of the eight projects in the exhibition of「Project Project_Graduate Institute of Architecture Project Review 2021」in National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University. Designed as a VR game, the concept of this project is to walk the audience through residential buildings led by games and missions. There are several classic architecture cases in the scene and tasks to lead the audiences through the whole game tour. This game is designed by Unity and demonstrated with Oculus VR glasses. Compared to a traditional residential exhibition displaying projects through physical models and drawings, this project challenges the unwritten rules and exemplifies a new sensation and experience for the viewers and audiences.

In conventional architectural production, the construction of buildings serves as the end result and the ultimate purpose of drawings. However, with the change of architectural practice and the rising technology of new media, the meaning of architectural representation has expanded beyond more feasibility and functionality, becoming a process of performance itself. In visual communication, while the content provides information to the audience, it is often the media that construct the perception. The exhibition 「Project Project」 interweaves the viewers, the works, and the gallery space with multiple means of visual media, turning architectural projects into various projections that transform our perceptions of space into conceptions of architecture.

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