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Useless machine


National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University - Fall 2020    

Academic Work - Introduction to Design Computing
Advisor: Shih-Yuan Wang, Yen-Cheng Lu
Team Member: Tsung-Han Tsai, Chun-Yu Lo, Zhen-Yu Yang, Hui-Sin Lin, Yi-Wen Wang

Everyone knows that smoking is a bad idea. But being around someone who smokes is also bad for your health. Secondhand smoke is the smoke that smokers breathe out and the smoke floating from the end of the cigarette, cigar, or pipe. This project demonstrated the concept of how a "useless machine" can make our lives much more convenient by expressing the information through this conceptual prototype when we encounter an awkward situation that someone is smoking around us.

Combined with two motors(servo motor and stepper motor) and a particle sensor, this project was designed as a backpack. The backpack detects toxic chemicals by the particle sensor attached to the side of the backpack. When the particle sensor senses particles that surpass a certain value, the device will be activated. There are two movements when the backpack is activated,(1)the movement arm will be deployed in front of the user (2)the backpack will start to send warning movements to inform the user that the particle value is overrated and also convey the message ironically to warn the smokers around. Moreover, based on the particle sensor data, the user can adjust the threshold value due to the users' current environment and different situations.



Final presentation.jpg

Particle sensor

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